Cedar Grove Inn - Klein Street Entrance

Cedar Grove is one of the best-known antebellum homes in Vicksburg. The street is named for the Kleins who had a wooden home and a brick home at the intersection of Klein and Oak one block up the hill from the train tracks. The brick home is still standing and is a bed and breakfast. When my mother was a little girl her uncle had bought the frame contructed home from the the Kleins. When she visited her cousin he would show her the ballroom's slick floor. This fine surface did not endure. The steam locomotives ran all day and night and spewed cinders and ashes into the wind which blew through the house. The home had become just a house by the time I was a teenager and perhaps divided into apartments and was in disrepair. The grounds now lie empty on the corner of Klein and Oak diagonally across from Cedar Grove. Ironically only the brick servant quarters still stands.

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