Collins Exotic Animal Orphanage

From Seminary continue north on Highway 49 until you spot the bright yellow wall adorned with lions, tigers, and bears. The Collins Exotic Animal Orphanage is exactly what the name implies - a refuge for exotics purchased as "pets," then abandoned when they became too large to manage. As the owner explains, "Foolish people buy a lion cub or a panther and expect to litter box train it. When it weighs several hundred pounds and starts eating their furniture and climbing the walls, they dont't want it anymore. If the animals couldn't come here, they'd be destroyed." The $3.00 admission buys a look at lions, tigers, panthers, alligators, and other exotics housed in tiny cages. The view is more close-up-and-personal than in the average zoo, and it's hard to imagine anyone thinking of these powerful, enormous animals as "pets." This is one trip to the zoo that's almost as sad as it is educational....Marlo Sibley Mississippi: Off The Beaten Path 1997 The Globe Piquot Press Dept FIL P.O. Box 833 Old Saybrook CT 06475 ISBN 1-56440-973-2

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