Bay St Louis Bridge

Railroad bridges don't have to be ugly. This is an example of one that at times can be called beautiful. It connects two old-time Mississippi coastal towns. Old Town Bay Saint Louis lies on the bluff overlooking the bay at its western terminus where the track runs near St. Stanislaus School. Even though I like to think of Bay St. Louis as the nascent Carmel of the Gulf, it is even better in most respects. In particular, it has not been discovered. It has many antique shops and art galleries. It is said to be home to over sixty artists. At the other end lies Henderson Point which is part of the town of Pass Christian, a place as charming in reality as in print. There is a white sand beach here where it seems that half of New Orleans can be found on sunny weekends. Although things haven't been quite the same since lady luck strode into town, the western Mississippi Gulf Coast is still the laid-back place that the cognoscenti love.

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