Lamar County Cattle

You might wonder what cows have to do with anything, especially to this city boy. Well, I'll tell you. A few months ago our state-wide newspaper, The Clarion-Ledger, interviewed a Mississippi parrothead on the beach in Biloxi as he waited for an evening concert to begin at the Mississippi Coast Coliseum. The reporter observed that this fan and the bunch with him were having a good time. The 'head told the reporter that on his way down for the concert, from his home near Hattiesburg, a cow stopped him, and told him, that Jimmy Buffett was God. Well, I don't know about that, but it caught my attention that a cow would hold Jimmy in such high esteem. I also attended that concert, and can report that I saw nothing heavenly about Jimmy Buffett. Even so, I enjoyed the experience totally, and I would recommend a Buffett concert to anyone who has a chance to go. People of every age and description go all crazy over this middle aged balding man. Expect a sellout crowd who participates body and soul in every song. The floor section stands for the entire show.

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