The Brett Favre Wall

The Broke Spoke has achieved world renown. The 'Spoke is the transfigured biker bar at Mississippi's Memphis, The Kiln, a Hancock County crossroads. The 'Spoke persists for good reasons. It is the slake for the thirsty. It is the wood stove on winter Sunday afternoons. It is the source of sanctioned 'Spoke T-shirts in black, green or white, 'Spoke on front and Rebel flag on back. It is the repository of patrons' attire, all nailed to the ceiling. On a higher level it is the ancient hangout of Brett Favre and because of that it is the mecca of the Brett Favre faithful, the mandatory Packer Pilgrim destination. Perhaps most importantly it is the keeper of The Brett Favre Wall. Thousands of hands have touched it.

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