Hattiesburg Soccer

The Piney Woods begin at the northern tip of the DeSoto National Forest and stretch south to the Gulf Coast, forming a thick green canopy over the cities and towns in their path. Towering loblollies dominate most of this region's landscape, earning the area the nickname, "the pine belt." The largest city in this region, Hattiesburg serves as a cultural dividing line. Towns north of Hattiesburg share the traditional southern personality of Jackson, while communities south of Hattiesburg lean toward the casual indulgence of the Gulf Coast. Life on the boundary line is a pleasant mix of both, with the spirited feel of a college town as an added bonus.....Marlo Sibley Mississippi: Off The Beaten Path 1997 The Globe Piquot Press Dept FIL P.O. Box 833 Old Saybrook CT 06475 ISBN 1-56440-973-2

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