Trapani's is on North Beach Boulevard in Bay St. Louis. My favorites there are the shrimp Po-boy and the Reuben Po-boy. The building was finished in 1906. It has survived both the hurricane of '47 and Camille in '69.

Located on the edge of the bay, at the location of a famous naval battle that took place during the War of 1812, you will find Trapani's, nestled in a fine old building with so many past incarnations that its scars run deep in its crumbling brick and splintering floor. The atmosphere might be characterized as trailer park modern, haphazardly decorated with beer bottles and fishing memorabilia, my favorite being the speckled trout mobile up near the cash register. The menu of po boys and local seafood contains nothing but good eatin', the sandwiches are stuffed to overflowing, and the seafood is so fresh it will make you blush to eat it. Don't expect no breakfast or supper, they are only open for lunch, a custom retained from a previous life when it was known as Mary's Eatery. Now, just as then, you can get your Barq's in the bottle, and if you don't know what a Barq's is, then you have never had the Champagne of root beer. When you leave be sure and tip your waitress, she didn't wear those cutoff jeans for nothing, and tell the guy at the cash register how much you enjoyed the food, grab you a toothpick, stroll out and down the sidewalk awhile, others will notice that you are smiling and that you have a big gravy spot on your shirt. (by Billy Page)

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